The Most Common Causes Of A Leaking Dishwasher

Without a doubt, a dishwasher is one of the most useful household appliances. However, most of the time, we only pay attention to it when there are issues that interfere with the convenience of your daily life. One such problem is the leaking dishwasher. If not checked, it can lead to severe consequences.

But, knowing the causes that can lead to a leaky dishwasher can help you prevent the issue from escalating. If you can diagnose the problem, you can fix them immediately. Though there are preventive measures that you can follow, it is advisable to seek out professional aid to resolve the actual issue.

Top Causes of a Leaking Dishwasher

There are different causes that can lead to a leaky dishwasher. It is vital that you know the symptoms so that you can resolve them as soon as possible. Take a look at some of the causes listed here.

Leaky door seal

A damaged door seal can cause a leaking dishwasher. For this, you will have to open the dishwasher door and check out the condition of the seals. Observe if it is clean and then see if the door closes completely. If the upper seal is worn out, you can replace it yourself. But, if the issue is with the lower seal, you will have to contact the professionals.

Blocked dishwasher filter

A clogged dishwasher filter can cause leakage of water from the dishwasher. That is why it is vital to clean the filter regularly. If there is an accumulation of food, debris, and dust particles, it can also interfere with the proper cleaning of the dishes. In order to maintain maximum efficiency of the dishwasher, you must clean the filter every month.

Leaky water valve

The inlet water valve can become worn out or defective over the passage of time. It can then lead to water leakage. Moreover, it can also result in issues with the cleaning of the dishes.

Worn out hose clamps

One of the significant reasons that can explain why you have a leaky dishwasher is damage to the hose clamps. These are fixtures that connect the circulating hose and drain hose to the pump of the dishwasher. To make sure that the hose clamps are in perfect condition. You must first locate them. These are usually located on the bottom part of the appliance. Sometimes, there can be damage to the hose clamps, or it can also become loose. Here, you can try using the screwdriver to tighten the camp. If that doesn’t work, the hose will need a replacement.


Sometimes, overfilling of the dishwasher tub can also lead to leakage. If the appliance is filling more water than it can drain, then that excess water will seep out via the door, creating a puddle on the floor. The most primary reason includes blockage of the drainage system. That is why you must resolve the issues as quickly as possible.


In order to prevent the level of water from rising on either side, the dishwasher must be at level ground. If the appliance is not at level, then the door will not close properly, leading to leakage. For this, you must ensure the level of the dishwasher. Install a level beneath the dishwasher to block the accumulation of water. You can also use shims to fix the misalignment.

Usage of incorrect detergent

It is vital that you use detergents that are specially designed for dishwashers. Refrain from using dish soaps or laundry detergents. Here, you must consider the amount of foam. If you use dish soap, then there will be excessive foaming. It can lead to the formation of excess suds that will eventually compel the soap and water to leak out through the door of the dishwasher.

Having Dishwasher Issues? Get Expert Help Now!

There are various causes that can lead to problems related to the dishwasher. One of the issues that can cause a great deal of inconvenience is leakage of the appliance. In order to avoid further damage, it is best to call in professionals. Keep in mind that a dishwasher is a sensitive appliance, and attempting to fix it yourself might not be a wise decision.

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