How To Replace A Toilet Seat?

Does your toilet seat move too much when you sit on it? Or do you simply desire a new stylish one for your recently renovated bathroom? Regardless of your reason, knowing how to replace a toilet seat is a necessary skill that can come in handy at times. Now, you may ponder on how easy or hard it is to do this.

Depending on your ability to pick up plumbing skills, replacing a toilet seat is a fairly easy task. However, there are different types and styles available, which can become confusing. Also, you need to take the measurements correctly. If you don’t, you will have to go and forth with the fitting store.

How to replace toilet a seat?
how to replace a toilet seat

Steps to Replace a Toilet Seat

If you are eager to know how to replace a toilet seat, then you can take a look at the steps compiled here. Keep in mind that the task is not glamorous, so keep your ick side apart while doing this job.

Step 1: Do not Forget the Safety Aspect

It is natural to feel excitement when you are set to do a new task. But, it is far more vital to keep safety in mind. The toilet is the perfect place for toxic germs and can cause potential infections. Before you start the task, clean the toilet. You can also use an anti-bacterial solution for this. Also, do not forget to wear rubber gloves at any cost.

Step 2: Get the Tools needed

If you want to know more about how to replace a toilet seat, then you need to have the necessary tools at your disposal. It includes an adjustable wrench, flathead screwdriver, pliers, and a measuring tape.

Step 3: Take the Correct Measurements

Do not make the mistake of removing the loo seat without taking the measurements. For this, you will need the measuring tape. There are various shapes in toilet seats such as square, round-nose, D-shape, etc. You must jot down the measurements if you want to buy the right size. Measure the distance between the screws (fixing holes), the longitude from front to the fixing holes at the back, and the bowl breadth when it is the widest.

Step 4: Remove the Toilet Seat

Firstly, locate the plastic caps that hide the bolts keeping the toilet seat together. These caps are usually underneath the seat. You can use a screwdriver to get rid of these caps. Removing these will offer you a view of the bolts. The bolts are held together by two wingnuts. For this, use the pliers to hold the nuts while you use the screwdriver to take off the bolts. It is a vital step in how to replace the toilet seat.

Step 5: Put in the New One

Before you fit in the new toilet seat, make sure to use the anti-bacterial spray to clean the entire toilet. Now, you have to reverse the process again. Make sure that you fix the bolts on the fixing holes properly. Also, the loo seat must be at the center of the toilet. It is advisable not to tighten the bolts too much as you might need some adjustments after fitting the new seat.

Having Issues Getting the Right Fit? – Call in the Professionals!

It is true that knowing how to replace a toilet seat is quite easy. However, complications can arise anytime, ranging from the wrong size to difficulty in fitting the new one. In case you have tried and failed, it is better not to use any extreme methods. After you have made use of your basic plumbing skills, it is time to get in touch with the experts.

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