How to Remove The Calcium Buildup in The Faucets

The calcium generally is the dissolved salts like calcium carbonate and calcium bicarbonate that are carried along with the water in the faucets which are also called the limescale. Therefore, The water that contains a lot of minerals and calcium is known as hard water. As these salts get deposited in the faucet they form a yellow hue and could stain the sink.

Therefore, minerals are very hard to remove and they even form chemical reactions that make cleaning products useless. On the other hand, these deposits become more danger that that starts to damage the faucets. Once the faucet is completely blocked the entire faucet has to be changed then.

Remove The Calcium Buildup in The Faucets
Remove The Calcium Buildup in The Faucets

These Calcium Buildups Can Be Remove Using a Few Materials:

  1. Using of White vinegar
  2. Paper towels
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Soft rags
    Therefore, the white vinegar is a great product for cleaning the calcium buildups. They can clean up calcium build-ups in the faucet.

Methods to Clean Calcium Buildups in The Faucet

For cleaning the outer part of the faucet all you need to do is sock a few soft rags or paper towels into the white vinegar and cover the affected area. Wrap that towel or the rag by using the rubber bands and leave it for a while. When you unwrap the towel you can see a neat and clean faucet.

Calcium buildups may also affect the ends of faucets and the aerators inside. To prevent the calcium buildup at such an area all you need to do is fill a sandwich bag with the white vinegar and cover it onto the end of the faucet using the rubber band  Leave the solution for an hour or two then clean it using the sponge and let them dry for a while and let the water flow If still there is any problem then dismantle the faucet and soak it in aerator and any other scale-caked elements in vinegar before scrubbing.

How to Prevent The Faucet from The Calcium Buildups

When these calcium buildups become very much high then they may require a pipe replacement. The Sydney North Plumbing effective way to prevent calcium buildup and maintain the life of the faucet is to have a water softener installed. This may help in keeping the faucet away from the calcium buildups and helps a long-lasting tap. Always remember to use a non-scratch sponge or pad along with plenty of water.

The non-scratch sponge can scratch the finish of the faucet; both the sponge and the faucet are dry. It can be clean by using a small filter screen. Flush out dust by using a toothbrush to scrub loose the deposits and rinse the screen more often.

If the aerator is built up with mineral deposits in a small bowl of vinegar for an hour and rub off the softened deposits and replace it. These are the few techniques for preventing the faucet from calcium buildups and to keep them long-lasting.

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