How To Drain Cleaning Explained By Sydney North Plumbing

When you stare at a clogged drain or a faulty pipeline, you often think that how good it would be to have a plumber friend. A plumber friend who can give free advice as well as a helping hand when something goes wrong. But the reality is a little different than what you think. Mostly, it’s disappointing only. Either way, you can’t ignore a faulty pipeline or a clogged drain for a longer time. As they are one of the most important elements of your home, you would love to have it fixed as early as possible. To teach you how to do it, we have come up with this blog. 

How To Drain Cleaning

In this blog, you’re going to learn about how to do drain cleaning. To make it even easier for you, we have categorically mentioned some of the drain issues and their fixes. We are Sydney North Plumbing and we do our best to make your drain fully functional. Read more to know the do’s and don’t of drain cleaning and how to carry out the task on your own. 

Types of Drain Related Issues and Their Fixes

1. Bathroom Sink and Tub Drains

Bathroom drain clogs mainly arise due to hair and toothpaste. No matter how carefully you become, it is meant to happen.  

Solution – To unclog your bathroom sink and tub, fill the basin with hot water and unplug the sink’s drain to flush out the clog. If it doesn’t work, you can also try removing the clog by using your bare hands. If it’s unreachable, then use a drain snake that you can easily find in any hardware store. 

How to Prevent – Often put hot water in the sink after every bathing session. Soluble matters in shampoo and toothpaste get flushed down in hot water. 

2. How To Drain Cleaning For Toilets

Toilet clogs are usually hard to remove and require professional help. 

Solution – If you have thrown toilet paper or any water-soluble/biodegradable object in the toilet sink by mistake, you can flush it down to remove the clog. If it’s a hard matter or insoluble in water, then it’s time to call professional help.

How to Prevent – As toilet clogs are gross and irritating, you should prevent it from happening. To avoid throwing toilet paper in the sink, you can put a dustbin in your toilet. Never throw nail clippings, hair, dental floss, etc. in the toilet sink.

3. Kitchen Drains

Kitchen clogs are comparatively easy to get rid of. For hard to find clogs, you may need to hire a professional plumber. 

Solution – We recommend you to use hot water and dish soap to loosen up and get rid of clogs in pipelines. Pour extremely hot water down the drain to soften up the clogs. If it doesn’t work, use kitchen plunger and try putting a mixture of hot water and soap again. 

How to Prevent – Always keep grease away from the pipeline. As they often turn into solid after going inside a pipeline, you should avoid pouring oil-based substance directly into the pipe. 

Precaution You Can Take About How To Drain Cleaning

Never use chemical Drain Cleaners to get rid of clogs. They ruin the pipe as well as cause health issues to humans and pets. If you can’t get rid of clogs on your own, it’s time to dial our number and hire a professional drain cleaning plumber to do your task. We are Sydney North Plumbing and we provide plumbing service of every kind.