Are Flushable Wipes Actually Flushable?

It is true that wet wipes provide a great deal of comfort when you are out on a particularly hot afternoon. However, have you ever considered its impact on your plumbing system? Previously used mainly for babies and elderlies, baby wipes have now been upgraded for adult use. Different wipe companies are promoting it as adult wet wipes. Moreover, as part of the marketing strategy, they also label the wipes “flushable.” But is that really the case? And, if not, why is the world not taking action?

Are Flushable Wipes Actually Flushable

Is It Actually Possible to Flush the Flushable Wipes?

In essence, yes! You can flush the flushable wipes down the toilet. But is that good for your plumbing system? That’s a tentative no!

Let’s break it down in laymen’s terms to better understand the situation. Most of the wipes companies promote their products as “flushable.” While an excellent marketing strategy, it can ultimately clog your sewers and lead to an expensive plumbing bill. Are you wondering how?

Well, wet wipes are composed mainly of polypropylene and polyester. These do not break down when they come in contact with water in the drain. Thus, they tend to block the drains and cause fatbergs.

Fatbergs are actually a weird combination of wet wipes, grease, and fat. These clog the drain lines and sewer passages, resulting in a disruptive plumbing system. To get rid of the issue, you will have to call in experts for help. Depending on the severity of the situation, you can be charged with a hefty bill. Don’t believe it? As per a report from Sydney Water, a consumer was charged with a plumbing bill of $16,000 for cleaning out these flushable wipes.

ACCC and Court Controversy

In lieu of events that negate the authenticity of these flushable wipes, federal court cases have shed further light. With the seeming duplicity of the flushable wipe companies, the ACCC or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission filed a legal complaint.

In 2016, ACCC petitioned a legal case against a popular wipes company – Kimberly Clark. Their alleged complaint was that the label “flushable” on their products was entirely misleading and untrue. However, several years later, the Federal Court dismissed the case, stating the lack of sufficient evidence for a conviction.

While ACCC might not have won the case, it has surely spread awareness in the mind of the Australian people. It is vital that you think twice before flushing the flushable wipes down the drain.

Moreover, confusion over the word “flushable” was also prevalent among the Australians. As per a survey conducted by CHOICE, about 67% of people claimed that they thought flushable was synonymous with disintegration as similar to toilet paper.

Can the Term “Flushable” Have Multiple Meanings?

Yes, you might not know, but the term “flushable” doesn’t have any concrete meaning. That means that anybody could interpret it in any way they like. For instance, you as a consumer might think that flushable wipes disintegrate like toilet paper. But, for the manufacturing companies, the term means the wipe can pass by the plumbing system. Though flushable wipes might pass your plumbing system without any hassle, they can still cause a great deal of hassle for the local or regional sewer systems.

Why Must Flushable Wipes Not Be Flushed?

The composition of the flushable wipes is not the same as toilet paper. In the case of toilet paper, the material breaks down when in contact with water. There are almost no clogging risks associated with broken-down pieces of toilet paper.

The difficulty of degradation of the flushable wet wipes makes it a more dangerous threat to the national sewer system and wastewater industry. If you think that you are exempted from the consequences, think again. Imagine if the wipes somehow clog your drain, then you will need to spend a considerable amount on dislodging the clog.

Impact of Flushable Wipes On the Environment

It is easy to forget the effect of flushable wipes on the environment when you are concerned about the massive plumbing fees you might have to consider spending.

However, if you take a minute to consider this, you will find that the impact of flushable wipes on the ecosystem is disastrous. For starters, the overflowing of the sewer system inevitably leads to the seeping of the wipes along with the sewage waste on the environment.

When this overflow of wastewater and wipes reaches the shores of freshwater bodies, the effect on marine life is simply destructive. Known as being a contributor of microplastics, these are considered extremely harmful to marine life.

That is why it is vital for people to take note of this impact and act accordingly. Refrain from using wet wipes unless it’s an absolute necessity. If you do use it, then depose it off in the nearest bin. It is inadvisable to flush it down the toilet.

Can You Unclog the Flushable Wipes Clogged Toilet On Your Own?

Well, you can try using a plunger to get rid of the flushable wipes clogging the toilet. If that doesn’t do the trick, you will need to call toilet plumbing experts.

Want to Get Rid of Flushable Wipes? Get Expert Aid Now!

Is your plumbing system clogged with flushable wipes? We understand that wet wipes have become a crucial component of our daily lives. However, understanding its impact on your plumbing is vital. Instead of flushing it, it is better to simply discard it or put it in the bin. But, if you still encounter the clogging of the flushable wipes, you need to contact the experts right away.

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